Lendtable announces new partnership with 401K Partners
Lendtable and 401K Partners will work to bring all-encompassing financial guidance to employees across the United States
Mitchell JonesMarch 28, 2024

Today, Lendtable is excited to announce a new partnership with 401K Partners. Together, we’ll work to bring all-encompassing financial guidance to Lendtable customers and employees across the United States.

401K Partners is at the forefront of retirement planning and financial wellness based out of the Midwest. They specialize in proactively optimizing 401K plans, ensuring that employees and employers alike can make the most of their retirement savings.

Like Lendtable, 401K Partners is aligned with ensuring their clients are building their retirement net-worth. Their fee structure is designed to grow their clients' wealth as much as they can. This natural alignment and their desire to modernize financial solutions is what immediately excited us about 401K Partners. Innovation is needed to ensure American financial security, and 401K Partners sees Lendtable as great tool to promote wealth building.

Lendtable’s goal has always been to meet our customers where they are. Whether that's how we talk to them or where they can find us, we aim to make saving for retirement as easy and simple as possible. Now that we have made getting your 401(k) match a simple process that can be done in minutes, our next step is to make finding us just as quick. We see partnerships with RIAs, 401(k) providers, and other fintechs as a clear path to make discovering Lendtable simpler than ever. RIAs understand the importance of their clients getting their 401(k) match/ESPP, and promoting Lendtable helps them boost the assets their clients accumulate. Working together enables Lendtable and our RIA partners to achieve aligned goals.

Regarding 401K Partners, the collaboration will harness our expertise in earning retirement benefits alongside 401K Partners’ proven investment management services and financial planning abilities. It represents a significant step forward toward Lendtable’s mission to democratize retirement so every American can retire by 65.

Specifically, this partnership will provide Lendtable customers the opportunity to learn about investment advice, financial/retirement planning, and how to minimize taxes from 401K Partners.

To learn more, follow this link to 401K Partners’ website.

“With 30 million employees not taking advantage of this investment opportunity, it could be a big market.“
Greg Kumparak
Editor, Tech Crunch
“One out of every four Americans do not get their full 401(k) match because they don't have the cash at the right moment to invest in retirement savings.“
Berber Jin
Reporter, Business Insider
“[Lendtable] can literally turn people who can’t afford to save into millionaires through their 401(k)s.“
Clayton Jarvis
Reporter, Moneywise
“Lendtable will advance cash for you, increasing disposable income for you to invest in more crypto stocks and blockchain ETFs.“
Editorial Team
The Block
“If your employer has a 401(k) match program, this is money they already have earmarked for you. By using Lendtable... you'll be able to unlock that free cash.“
Kari Faber
Writer, Penny Hoarder
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