It's national 401(k) day

The Lendtable TeamSeptember 08, 2022

Today is National 401(k) Day and we thought this was a great time to remind everyone of our mission and how we are helping thousands of people save for retirement.

Here at Lendtable, we are driven by one unifying goal; we want to provide transparent, simple, and helpful services that enable people to get closer to their retirement goals.

A 401(k) account is one of the most effective ways to save for retirement and many employers offer a matching program.

When your employer matches your 401(k) contributions, you are literally getting free money added to your retirement savings but 1 in 5 people did not receive the full 401(k) employer match available to them.

We believe the reason for this was not that they were "misinformed" or "did not care enough.” It was because they were getting squeezed. They were choosing to pay their student loans. They were choosing to feed their families. They were choosing to pay off their mortgage. They were making the right choices for their today at the expense of their tomorrow.

Most advice tells you to contribute enough to get the full employer match as long as you do not have high interest debt and already have 3-6 months of rainy day savings.

Debt is the biggest factor standing in the way of you and the retirement of your dreams. If you have any debt (not including a mortgage), it’s not going to disappear until you make it disappear. So, if you’ve got some debt or haven’t built up that emergency fund, most advisors recommend holding off on all investing—including your company’s 401(k).

This is where Lendtable comes in. You can get reimbursed for your 401(k) contributions and keep 80% of the employer match. This means you maintain your income to pay down your debt and get your employer matching contributions at the same time.

We have helped more than 3000 people get more than $7 million in employer matching contributions and get on the path to a secure retirement and we are just getting started

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