4 of the best personal finance apps for women

These platforms are helping to close the gender financial literacy gap.

A. Cydney HayesMarch 08, 2022

By now, it’s no secret: From a young age, women are discouraged from dealing with money.

The myth that women are “bad” with money, and the assumption that women be conservative with their finances—while men, on the other hand, should invest and aggressively grow their wealth—are only the most recent manifestations of centuries of the disenfranchisement of women within the world of personal finance.

While the legal pendulum has swung in and out of women’s favor throughout history, women have been barred from owning property, opening bank accounts, and applying for lines of credit without a man’s consent for long stretches of time. These days, while women are, in most places, legally allowed to interact with money in the same ways men are, this history of inequality has left an insidious gender gap in financial literacy.

In other words, traditional methods of learning about different aspects of finance—including budgeting, investing, retirement planning, and more—are outdated, jargon-heavy, and largely tailored to men.

That’s where fintech is leading the pack. Here are four powerful personal finance apps for women in 2022.

1. Mint

We know you might be thinking, "Mint? On a best finance apps list? Groundbreaking." But Mint is on every best finance apps list for a reason. A product of Intuit, Mint offers a simple user experience, which makes it a great app if you’re just getting started. Mint helps you track your spending and income, build a budget, and find opportunities to save or invest.

Because Mint is an Intuit product, it already has insights into your finances if you filed your taxes with TurboTax. While there are certainly more thrifty ways to file your taxes, you might want to consider bundling your taxes and your budgeting within these products for simplicity’s sake.

2. Ellevest

When it comes to fintech made for women, by women, Ellevest is one of the most recognizable names in the game. Ellevest is a subscription platform that offers users access to investment portfolio management, retirement planning recommendations, an in-app savings account, and other personal finance content tailored to women, including webinars, workshops, and one-on-one finance coaching.

While there are cheaper options than an Ellevest subscription, the highly-customized recommendations can be powerful for beginners. Oftentimes, not knowing where to start is the biggest barrier to entry into investing and retirement planning, and an app like Ellevest can be helpful in giving you a starting point.

3. Your Juno

While lesser-known in the fintech space, Your Juno has a fresh approach to women’s personal finance. A women-founded, seed-round startup based in London, Your Juno’s mission is to close the gender gap in financial literacy and empower women and non-binary people to arm themselves with knowledge and face their finances head-on.

Not only does Your Juno have bite-sized lessons on personal finances basics, it offers a community space where users can ask one another questions about anything and everything money-related.

4. Honeydue

Before we introduce Honeydue, let us preface with this: Whether they’re in a relationship or not, women should always stay on top of their personal finances. That said, there’s an old (and heteronormative) stereotype that once women are married or living with a partner, all financial decisions are in the man’s hands.

Money can be one of the biggest stressors in a relationship, so making sure both parties are on board with every joint financial decision is crucial. Honeydue is a good resource for couples that are managing their money together. This app helps couples track their finances, build a budget, and stay on top of shared bills.

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